First Day

1/29/18 – Finally finished loading the camper and TV (that’s tow vehicle in RV lingo) in the rain.  Lowering the Aliner into travel position in the rain was a little uncomfortable since it exposes so much but happy to say nothing got wet.  Rolled out around 11:30.  Yay! finally this show is on the road.  When I got my other/first camper, I went out for a “shake down” with a friend who was an experienced RVer to a local campground, Jordan Lake, to learn how to use it.  I would liked to have done that with this new one but because of delays, rain and cold, I just hit the road for my shake down.  Since it’s the first time towing this trailer (except for bringing it home), I was very nervous at first so drove very slowly.  Every little extra noise scared me to death that I was losing something.  After about an hour I stopped just to check it all out, make sure everything was still attached.  Then after a little while longer was so comfortable with it, I’d forget it was there.  Good, glad to have that accomplished, tho don’t want to forget it’s there altogether.

This first leg was a short one, drove to Spartanburg, SC for some driveway surfing at  friends, Barb Ester and Beth York’s.   Beautiful, warm and comfortable home, shared a wonderful supper and stayed up late talking and catching up.  Xena and I got to meet a couple of new feline friends.  All very enjoyable and delightful.

Then off to the camper for my first night sleeping in it.  It was chilly out, but we were comfortable inside  It’s official, first night mission accomplished.


Spending some time with Barb and Beth this morning and a little time here on the blog but still haven’t figured out how to do much.   Don’t yet know how to post pictures, but will figure it all out when I have the time.  Xena and I are excited that you’ve joined us and thanks for the comments, tho I’m not seeing them on the blog page, only on email.  Hope I figure that out too.

Today we travel to the FDR State Park at Pine Mountain, GA near Columbus for a couple of days.  Will have the opportunity to set up completely there.  We’ll be visiting with some family nearby but sad that some nieces and nephews are out of town and won’t be able to see them.  Hope to have some good weather and good hikes at Pine Mountain also.

Until next time,  Lynn and Xena


10 thoughts on “First Day

  1. WooHoo! Off and rollin’ with one night logged in. Hope today’s travels were as smooth as day one. Looks like you’ll get far enough south to gain 10+ degrees on us back here, where we’ll be in the mid teens tonight. Also looks like a good day for hiking tomorrow there in GA’s largest state park. Yes, I’ve dug out my maps and brochures from my trips down that way, though never been to FDR SP. The nearest I’ve camped is Three Rivers SP just over the FL line. Wonder where you’ll be heading from there — I’ll be looking forward to whatever updates you get around to! If you are planning any stops along the panhadle or North FL, I have opinions I could share.😉

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