FD Roosevelt State Park

Here we are at FDR State Park, near Warms Springs, GA.  We had an easy drive, even through, not around, Atlanta.  Was listening to the radio while driving which was reporting all kinds of accidents and delays on the perimeter, as much as 3 hr. delays!!!  I’ve found it’s much easier to go through Atl as long as it’s not rush hour, actually, I’d never come within 50 miles of Atl during rush hour!  It was a little anxiety producing towing, but we did it.

We set up camp completely, even put the chairs and patio rug out, tho it was too cold to sit out.  Set up for cooking, got the heater on for the first time.  Well, it’s pretty much all for the first time.  I think it’ll take me a loooong time to figure out how best to use the space efficiently.  Constantly moving stuff around.  This morning it was 26 F!!!, jacket, scarf, hat, gloves chilly out when Xena and I went out to take care of our business.  Now sitting here at the table on the computer connected with my very own hot spot – another first.

A little about the FDR State Park:  FDR regularly came to the little nearby town Warm Springs for treatment for his polio.  He built his Little White House in Warm Springs, still there as a tourist attraction.  Part of this park, along with many other great state parks, was built by his depression era jobs creating Civilian Conservation Corps.  Lots of FDR history around.  It’s also near beautiful Calloway Gardens.

I also have history here – I was born in nearby Columbus.  My father’s family farm was on Warms Springs Rd.  All of my early history is in this general area, born in Columbus,  raised mostly in Montgomery, college at Auburn U, and taught school for a few years in Atlanta.  I camped while in college, but don’t remember if it was here or elsewhere, good chance it was here.  I still have family here and that’s what brings me to this neck of the woods now.  My brother, who celebrated his 90th birthday in Dec., lives near Columbus and I’ll be leaving when I finish here to spend the day with him and his wife and I think one of their sons.  Sad that we’ll be missing the other 2 children.  He and his family also lived for many years on Warms Spring Rd.

Was planning to hike this morning but it was too cold, hope to have time this afternoon or tomorrow morning to get a little hiking in.  Xena really, really, really wants that.

Check in with you later.

Lynn and Xena



7 thoughts on “FD Roosevelt State Park

  1. Yay, CCC! My travels have certainly given those workers and FDR a place in my heart. Are the springs open for the public? If so, I’ll put that area on my list!
    Wow, 90 is an impressive age! Quite a spread between you and your brother (and for your mom before there was any choice.) Hope you had a good visit. So you had a long sojourn in the DEEP south. It’d be interesting to unpack that with you sometime. I can unpack Nashville with you at the same time. We were there for the dawn of the civil rights movement. My first stop on my first camping trip into the deep south was Montgomery to visit the civil rights monument at the SPLC. Believe it or not, I had not travelled the deep south til 2015, although I did visit relatives in Atlanta throughout my childhood.
    Anyway, I ramble.
    I found pretty quickly, when I was living in the road, that there was always a time squeeze. I thought I’d have all the time in the world to blog and journal, but not so. Always more than enough to do, especially if the weather was good — hope you got in a hike! Sweet dreams.

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    1. Different mothers, same father, but my mother also had kids 20 yrs older than me. I didn’t grow up with them and really didn’t know them very well while young. I’ve spent more time with this brother and his children (grown, my age!!) as an adult.
      Don’t know what’s available at Warms Springs. Maybe we can come together with more time.
      Yes, Montgomery in the 60s!! I’ve been back several times to Civil Rights museums, etc. and have done the peace walk from Selma to Montgomery. Very healing for me.


      1. An old custom, apparently of British origin, assuring good luck for the month if it is the first thing you utter on the first day of the month.
        That was my handle on my wordpress blog when I took off on my first Aliner voyage. I’m still there in the clouds, without even being dead yet.

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