2/3/18 – After leaving FDR State Park in GA Thursday morning, we crossed over into FL and to the Ichetucknee Springs Campground for a night.  It was really just a stopover but I wish I’d had more time there, as I’d also wished at Pine Mountain.  I never like to stay just one night anywhere, it’s too much trouble to set up and break down, and had orignally planned another day at each, but since I had a goal to get to the Campazon by yesterday, and had delays to my lift-off, I pretty much was just moving.  Now we’re here at the Little Manatee River Canoe Outpost for the gathering, but want to spend a little type on Ichetucknee first.

As the name implies it’s at the Ichetucknee Springs, there’s a State Park there but no campsites, so this is a little private campground with canoe/kayak/raft rentals and guided outings.  It’s really nice, very large sandy campsites in tall live oaks.  It’s northern FL so still a bit chilly therefore not super busy yet like more southern areas of FL.  Out of the 8-10 other campers there, there were at least 4 solo women, all full-timers.  We are everywhere!   Xena met several fulltimer dogs too and a couple of cats.  I have trouble imagining traveling with cats but they are everywhere in the RVing/camping world too.  There are lots of ways to connect with each other:  solo RV women on FB and other forums, large numbers of solo women blogging and posting on UTube.  I love meeting each other on the road, til now have only seen one other tho.  At this campground there’s a gathering room/game room with a fireplace, coffee, wifi where I met several of these women in the morning and had great conversations about traveling experiences, plans etc.  So it turned out to be a fabulous stopover and sure wish I’d had time for more, including a little kayaking down the river.  Another time.

So, then down to Little Manatee for the Campazon.  On the way my computerized car messaged me I needed an oil change.  Now how does it know that!!??  At first it said “soon”, then after about an hour it said “required”.  I found a jiffy lube type place but there were 3-4 cars ahead (an hour) plus I’d have to unhitch the camper.  I decided it could wait (the oil wasn’t low, just time for a change) til I got settled with the camper off and just drive the highlander.  That worked fine, got the oil change, but the message didn’t go off.  I didn’t notice until I’d driven away, bet they were supposed to press some magic switch to get it off.  Thankfully they’re close so I’ll go back Monday.  Another huge learning curve with this vehicle, I’ve never owned one with so many bells and whistles and computers.  I’ll also look it up in the owners manual and see if it tells me.

Back at Campazon – Wonderful to see some old friends who’ve visited Full Circle Farm over the years, and to see newer friends, and meet brand new ones.  Xena also met up with one dog who’s been to FCF and other new friends.  And of course good to see Doreen, another FCF member who lives part time there in NC and part time in FL in her camper.  It’s a great group of women, have the whole group tent camping area so it looks like festival, including music, games, and tables set up, at least one selling some very nice hand knitted/crocheted rainbow hats.   We also have most of the RV sites and cabins.  The group is basically made up of long time Michigan Women’s Festival “Festie” attendees from FL and friends, tho some from other sates, who get together 3-4 times a year somewhere in FL for a campout.  What a great idea.  Glad I came.  I will probably include these gatherings in my travels as I can.

I was planning to go on a river walk this morning, but after Xena and I went on our walk earlier and I settled in to with coffee and sitting a spell for the first time since I’ve been out, that’s all I really wanted to do for a while this morning – catch up with emails, this blog and reading some.  And maybe figuring out this format so I can post pictures and see the comments.  It would be a lot more fun to see what you’re saying (if you are, and I hope you are!).  And let me know if you’re having any trouble accessing the blog too.  You can give me tech support how to do it, as much as I hate to admit my lack of techability – mostly it’s patience I lack actually.  Give me a garden, patience all day, a computer or iPhone, not so much.  Maybe your tech support should be via email tho since I’m not seeing the comments here.  I set this up on my gmail account, which I’ll have to change to soon anyway as we’re getting fiber optic at FCF with a different supplier so will have to give up my other one.  But you can use my embarqmail if you have it, or text if you have that.

OK, so off to a morning of coffee, breakfast, email catch-up and exploring wordpress, then more fun with the women at Campazon.  Just love the word, I’m a Campazon!


12 thoughts on “Campazon

  1. Morning happy campers… I love reading about your adventures and experiences. Yes, cars ain’t what they once were. Maybe youtube or google how to reset that switch. You can also purchase a device to plug into your car to verify what the red light is saying. Lots of stores do this for free. Auto stores that is. Love this and thanks for including us all.


    1. Glad you’re here for the ride. Checked the owners manual, gave pretty clear instructions how to reset the oil change notification, but we couldn’t get it to work. It’s not just a light, it’s a computer screen telling me it’s time for an oil change. Car’s too smart!

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  2. So glad to hear from you — I needed my vicarious travel fix! As I suspected, you’re busy.
    The Campazon sounds wonderful and, yes, great word. Also, Ichetucknee — I want to stop there next time I’m in north Fla. Hope you’re keeping campground names on a calendar or log or something.
    Just saw you got the comments thing figured out — yay! I’ve been seeing them all along (except one of my own I lost), but that’s just luck — I can be no help with tech tips, patience either. I think you’ll be a pro in no time — it just takes time (for some of us more time than others.) It was a great frustration to some of my readers ( my smart son in particular — others were too polite to complain) that I never took the time to learn to attach pictures. Also, I rarely wrote more than every two weeks or so. Anyway, I, for one, am really enjoying your posts!

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  3. Glad you are now to see comments. It sounds like you are having a great adventure and living big in your new vehicles. It’s about time you had a car that tells you stuff!
    Now…learn to attach pictures!
    I want to see what you are seeing.

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  4. Hi Lynn
    This is Rose, writing as Womonwrites. Not sure why. I started the Womonwrites WordPress blog as a free website for posting publicity for the conference. I guess when I went to your blog and clicked Follow, it recognized me from that blog.
    There was something I was going to tell you about WordPress, but now I’ve forgotten your question and don’t know how to get back to it. That’s about the size of my WordPress skill. But I did eventually figure out how to do what needed doing, and there’s a good help site.

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      1. Seem to recall that the secret was they call pictures “media.” Click on the plus sign where it says Add. Media is one of the options. Click it, and eventually it lets you browse to the picture you want. Once you add it, you click Insert (bottom right) and it pops up wherever you left your cursor on the page you were working on. Hope that helps!

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  5. Hi Lynn! commenting here to see if you receive it. No tech help from me, just that your gmail account is good everywhere, and you can still use it after you get the new cyber hook-up at home 🙂 (google really is everywhere -:(
    Glad you are enjoying your travels and sharing them with us!

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