Hillsborough River State Park

2/4/18 – Packed up and left Little Manatee River and the fun Campazon women.  Wishing everyone happy trails to their various destinations.  I have some wonderful pictures, hope I soon figure it out, but even today looking around the wordpress page in front of me, I don’t see how to add my photos.

Doreen and I drove to Hillsborough River State Park, not too far away, me for a couple of days, Doreen for just one night.  It it beautiful here!  So FLORIDA!!  So Tropical.  Inland, not coastal.  All sand and palm trees, some feral orange trees with oranges on them looking ready right around the campsites. We’ll try to get some tomorrow, see if they’re any good.  That would be so cool.  Yum, really fresh oranges.  Adding to the tropical feel, it’s raining a very sweet gentle rain and feels a bit chilly tho it’s mid 60s.  Unfortunately a little camper in the rain with a big wet dog is a little cramped.  🙂  I actually took a nap listening to the rain hitting gently on the camper and seeing it falling above me through the bubble window.  Very nice.

So today was about breaking camp, saying goodbye, driving to a new camp, setting up and napping in the rain.  Nice and relaxing but not very exciting.  There are hiking trails here for tomorrow, and picking oranges.  Til then . . .

Lynn and Xena



2 thoughts on “Hillsborough River State Park

  1. I think I’ve been there (Hillsborough River SP) years ago. My sister used to live in Brandon, now Lithia. Hadn’t realized you were so far down in FL til I checked the map yesterday, thinking you were around Manatee Springs. You are lucky to be where it’s warm (even tho today was cooler and wet.) The rain here today was hard and long and COLD! Wishing you sunshine and tasty oranges tomorrow!

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