Here I’m gonna post some pictures from our trip so far, in order.  Sorry I didn’t figure it out in the beginning and put them with each post.  Enjoy.

FDR State Park, Warms Springs, GA


Sun setting over the Lake Delanor


View of the SW GA mountains.  I never imagined so much elevation at Pine Mountain.

Camp store, build by Civilian Conservation Corps.  Fairy home in a tree hole on one of the trails.  The door opens, jars with paper and pens inside.  Write/read notes from and to woods fairies.  Creative touch by park rangers or volunteers.


Full moon shining on our little Aliner.  Kinda like the fairy home.   🙂

Earlier someone asked for pictures of the inside of the Aliner.  These were taken as I was packing up to leave so you see everything on the floor.  The only problem I see with these little A frame campers is the lack of easily accessible storage, only a couple little cabinets, no drawers, so it’s a challenge to figure out how to live in it.  The big bin is non perishable food, the drawers various things organized.  Often changed clothes (underwear, Tshirts, socks) in duffle under the bed along with Xena’s stuff, others in a bin in the Highlander.  Got to have a tow vehicle with cargo space, you can see the hatch open through the bubble window.  Plenty of storage under the benches and couch/bed, not easily accessible, and in the tow vehicle.  Everything has to be “below the fold” to pop it down to travel.  2 burner propane stove top is stowed under the bench next to the fridge, placed on top of that counter for cooking inside.  Can also be hooked up to the front of the camper and to propane for outdoor cooking, the only way I’ve used it.  I put outdoor stuff (chairs, little table, rug) in the middle of the floor to help scotch everything in so it won’t slide around.  Have to make sure to leave footholes to be able to get in to fold the walls down.

Since this is pretty time consuming, I’ll stop here and post more later.  Want to go for a hike in Paynes Prairie today.  It’s in the mid 80s so early better than afternoon.

Thanks for joining us in our travels, hope you enjoy the visuals.

Lynn and Xena



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