Pictures (cont’d)

After a week of wonderful visits with friends, tours around the area of very interesting historical and literary sites, hikes in Paynes Prairie and more, tomorrow I leave Melrose/Gainesville/Hawthorne area and friends for Ocala National Forest for 5-6 days.  Will be at Salt Springs a couple of days and Juniper Springs a few more.  Will be without elec and water hookups, doing a little “boondocking”.

Don’t know what the internet situation will be so I’m posting more pictures tonight.  A bunch all together . . .!  Let’s see how that goes.

From the top:  The campfire, tents, lit pavilion, Little Manatee River, and campers at the Campazon.

The rest are various scenes at Highland Hammocks S.P.   My campsite including the shade/screen tent, first time I put it up (needed both), palms, palmettos, giant live oak and cypress trees, trails, swamp, including the boardwalk swamp trail closed due to damage from Irma.

And a little camper art/craft.  I always like these, know I’ll never buy any, so just take pictures and share the thoughts.

Maybe I’ll get some more a little later.  Hope you enjoy.

Lynn and Xena


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