Huntington Beach State Park

3/8/18 –  Well, here we are in real time – finally – at Huntington Beach State Park on the beautiful coast of SC.  Happy International Women’s Day, and yes, Happy Birthday to me.  It’s my 72nd birthday, what a wonderful place and way to celebrate life.  This campground is very expensive, with fees, taxes, etc, added up to $50/night!!!!  Outrageous, but I’ve wanted to come here for a long time, and yep, my birthday present to myself – I splurged!!

And what a fabulous splurge!  I can hear Mama Ocean from the camper!  It’s a beautiful campground, tho very large and crowded mostly with large RVs, mostly snowbirds from what I can see.  But also an amazing number of very local folks, from Charleston.  They really love their park and come often.  One man I met on a trail yesterday knew every bird and plant and body of water and it’s inhabitants here.  He comes every week.

As you can see from these pictures, Mama Ocean was really active.  Very high winds here yesterday, they said gusts to 35 mph, a little nerve wracking for a little Aliner!  And powerful, high surf too.  The other pictures shows what an undeveloped beach on the Carolina coast looks like – not a house or condo or high rise in sight.  Actually if you look closely you can see Myrtle Beach to the north (in picture if you can enlarge), but nothing but natural beach and dunes to the south is visible.  The 3rd picture is the space between the dunes, where the houses and other buildings are built on developed beaches.

The trail from the campgrounds to the beach.

Isn’t it beautiful??!!  Oh please, lets keep some of our beaches undeveloped.  For that alone I’ll pay that $100 to support this wonderful State Park.  I’m so grateful we still have some.

Yesterday I was planning to go to the Brookgreen Gardens ( across Hwy 17, another reason I’ve wanted to come here so long.  Another expensive splurge tho with senior discount and $2 coupon from State Park it’s $14 instead of $18.  But … they won’t allow dogs!!!  Not even left in the car in the shade with windows down.  Can’t even enter the gate.  Very disappointing.  My neighbors offered to dog sit but that $18 is for a week’s pass and since I’m leaving today, it didn’t seem worth it.  Have to figure it out another time.  😦

My neighbors (who offered to babysit) are really nice.  Local Charleston folks who come here often.  They invited me to join their campfire, the sunset was fabulous.

So we came back and walked and walked and walked every trail or walk available.  Across the causeway . . . (right, above)

The Tundra Swan was stationed at that spot in the Mullet Pond off the causeway every time we drove or walked by.  Xena had a fit!  The sign talks about the disastrous affect of the use of feathers from wading birds on women’s hats in the early 1900’s and that the Audubon Society was founded around efforts to stop it.  The marsh at low tide taken from the marsh boardwalk, a really long walk out into it.  From there we say a Bald Eagle, a pair of Cormoranths, white heron or egrets, lots of those (I think) white terns in the marsh pool picture.  Saw them diving from high, making big splashes.  Lots more I couldn’t identify.

From the Marsh boardwalk we went on the Sandpiper Pond Nature Trail, a 2+ mile (there and back) walk to and along the Sandpiper Pond, which is actually very very close to the beach and ocean across the dunes, but mostly fresh water.  Lots of ducks.


This fabulous live oak is on the Sandpiper Pond trail.

And then on to the end of the road and onto the North Beach.   From this point north on the beach, dogs aren’t even allowed.  That’s fine with me and Xena, let’s leave it like it is.


OK, I think I covered most of it.  Had great WiFi here, could get it from my campsite (a perc for such expensive fees!)  So I got caught up, Yay!  But spent too much time on it.   We’re leaving today so must pack up and get out by noon.  Want to go to beach one more time, tour Atalaya, and walk the Kerrigan Nature Trail.  Then we’re back-tracking a few miles to Buck Hall in Frances Marion National Forest for a few more days.  After that a 2 or 3 more days and we’ll be heading home.

Happy Birthday Barbara Lorie, one of our fabulous elders and role model for many, me included, who was 92 yesterday.  And Salinda Dahl!!  My early March birthday buddies.  And don’t forget it’s International Women’s Day.  Honor our foremothers and ourselves.

See you down the road,

Lynn and Xena






One thought on “Huntington Beach State Park

  1. Yes, Huntington Beach SP has much to offer (though the bathrooms are hardly better than any other), so worth a splurge. Especially on your BIRTHDAY!🎂💞🌷🌹🍀
    Early March has so many births of wonderful female powerhouses to celebrate. I’ll add my friend Kit Gruelle, March 4.
    Enjoy your day and your next visit to Buck Hall!

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