3/14 – Another catching up day

Today we are in the Croatan National Forest, Cedar Point Campground a couple of miles from Emerald Isle.  Basically on the way home but wanted one last couple of days on the coast and have wanted to come here since I discovered it last summer while at the beach.  The forcast was supposed to be sunny tho chilly but turns out it’s cloudy and cold!  There are trails here to walk and beaches to visit so I hope it clears up, but for now I’ll spend some time on the computer and catch you up.

3/8 – Atalaya Castle – Huntington Beach SP, SC

Thursday we packed up ant pulled out of our campsite at Huntington Beach, you can check out of campsite but stay in the State Park the rest of the day, so we visited the Atalaya Castle, a National Historic Landmark.  A little background:  Anna Hyatt Huntington was a well known sculptor, her husband Archer Melton Huntington, a very well-to-do heir of Railroad builders.  They lived in NY and Anna developed TB, so they built a winter home in warmer climes – Atalaya.  Across the road (Hwy 17) is Brookgreen Gardens, which Archer built to showcase Anna’s works.  Both were built from 1931-1933.  The depression apparently didn’t effect them but they were sensitive to those it did, insisting on using local labor in the construction to provide work opportunities.  It’s designed after Morris architecture, when I first saw it I thought it was the ugliest thing I’d ever seen!!!  It’s long and low, made of bricks with mortar pooching out from between.  It’s actually a big square with 2 courtyards in the middle, the entrance side leads across to the opposite side via a covered walk down the middle of the courtyards, where the actual entry is.

In the middle of the covered walk is a tower, Atalaya is Spanish for watchtower, it’s function however was as a water tower, holding a 3000 gal. cypress water tank. The “public” rooms – sitting room, dining room, breakfast room, sunroom, library are also on this side, which faces the ocean.  One side is their living quarters, bedrooms, baths, closets and 2 studios for Anna, one inside and one outside.  The opposite side is the servants quarters and the “workings” of the place – kitchen, food prep, serving area, pantry, walk-in icebox, storage, laundry room, and the servants quarters consisting of 9 rooms and some living rooms and baths.   There are 30 rooms in these 3 sides.  The forth side, the entrance side one would drive up to?  A garage and an oyster shucking room, plus other workings – woodshed, incinerator, generator on one side.  The other side had kennels and pens to hold the live animals Anna used as models for her sculpture!!!  Including Bear Pens!!  Her outside studio was next to these pens.

The Bear Pens         skylight in her indoor studio      I loved the fireplaces          with heat chambers on the sides, vents to the room.  There were 22 such fireplaces.

There is a long straight road that leads from the front of the house to the Gardens, now separated by Hwy 17 (don’t know if it was then or not).

Think that’s enough details?  I was pretty fascinated with it in the end.  It was a great self guided tour.

Later for more catch up.  Since I’ve been so frugal with my data after running out in Feb so fast, I now have some left and am heading home to wifi so won’t need it.  I’ll see how much more I can do.  Need a break for now.

Snug in the Aliner at Cedar Point

Lynn and Xena


2 thoughts on “3/14 – Another catching up day

  1. Aaarrgh, lost another reply. I guess it doesn’t save a draft if one is interrupted. Anyway as I was saying, so sorry you got caught up in the wet cold weather system at the end of your trip; it’s been foul here for almost a week. Hope you can stay another day or two at Cedar Point CG, because lots of sun is on the way, starting today! I have hiked in Croatan NF frquently over the past several years. It is great. Also, there is a lovely board walk and trail at Cedar Point just off Hwy 58 near intersection with Hwy 24 — not sure if it is part of the NF per se, but definitely worth a stroll.
    I really enjoyed your description of Atalaya. I toured it a few years back. And I think her sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens will blow you away, plus it’s a really beautiful place to walk around. Its pretty immense. I can see why they sell week long tickets, but you could do it in one long day or two shorter ones. There are other sculptors featured as well and beautiful landscaping. And also historical exhibits, including an outdoor trail, about the Gullah people.
    Ok, hope you are out and about now. When do you land in Chatham?

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  2. Thanks Jo, really wish I’d been able to go to Brookgreen Gardens. I just have to figure out what to do with Xena. Wish they’d let her in, what harm could she do. Your comments are great, how do you remember so much from your travels. That’s why I have to keep this journal, cause I can’t remember!! 🙂 Home either tomorrow or Friday. Just posted another update, all caught up again. See you soon. Thanks for coming along and making such good comments, tho I don’t think I’ve seen them all.


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