Pictures from Coastal trip to Hunting Island SC – 4/23 – 5/4/18

So you remember from the previous blog posts of this trip I wasn’t able to post photos, my old computer wasn’t talking to my phone/camera.  Because of that and other problems with old computer I got a new one.  Slowly but surely learning to navigate it.  Have been able to download photos so will now attempt to share some with you.  Hope it’s not too discombobulating being separate from the written version.

First stop – northeast side of Croatan NF, Fisher’s Landing dispersed (boondocking, free) campsite on the Neuse River.  Wet from all the rain, but nice trail along the river.  It’s amazing how wide the rivers are as they approach the ocean.  Rolling out with Xena after she officially commandeered the whole back seat.  She was just crawling over what I had stored on half of it with the back down to get to that side, so had to find another place for that stuff and put the seat back up.  Xena rules!!  Wish she could navigate.


Drove down east side of Croatan to Morehead City on the coast, through Beaufort with a short stop, then North all the way out to Cedar Island National Refuge.


Then turned around, backtracked and had a long drive down the Outer Banks Scenic Byway.  Stopped in Salter Path at the Big Oak drive-in for a shrimpburger, purported to be the best on the coast.  Read my comments, not impressed, especially since I had to cross over the highway to get there, turn around in a small crowded parking lot and again turn left across the highway.  Not anything you want to do with a trailer!!!


Rewarding myself with homemade ice cream from Boombalatti in Wilmington, which I had also heard was worth stopping for and I’d have to agree there.  Yum, it was good!!!

Then on down to Carolina Beach State Park.   The SP begins at the bridge and there is a very nice trail along the waterway.  Oyster shell collection station, they place them in shallow waters to start new oyster colonies.  Foundation of the old bridge, all graffitied up and the other side if you can enlarge it.


Here’s an interesting piece of information about the confluence of our rivers into the Cape Fear River system.


At the end of the island is the Aquarium at Fort Fisher.  Maverick is a rescue.  The turtle is a box turtle, I never saw one with a red head and legs before.  Should have taken a video of the jellyfish drifting up and down in the blue lit tubular tank.


I wrote about Fort Fisher in the blog, just pictures.  This is the one with earthen mounds mounded over structures.


The mounds were build for fortification along the beach also, now Hwy 421 runs between them and ends there.  The same 421 that runs through Siler City.


And that last picture is also significant to home.  It was a group from the Haw River Christian Academy, a school down the road from Full Circle Farm!!!  Look closely, the group in the waves are girls, with school uniform skirts and blouses!  They were playing in the waves which knocked them down, totally wet they just stayed out and played!   And the group on the beach?  The boys.  The parents and chaperones were loving it.  Needless to say, brought a smile to my face too.  Girls Rule.

Next day, ferry ride to Southport.


And on down the coast to Santee Coastal Wildlife Refuge, a delightful camping experience.  Xena able to be free, no leash!!


And wonderful birdwatching in managed wetlands and great walking trails.


On down the coast decided to check out Isle of Palms and Sullivans Island.  Again just pictures, you can go back and read the blog post.  The visitors center has a great museum so I do have lots of pictures of information worth enlarging and reading, and beautiful paintings.


In addition to the slave holding history of Sullivans Island, there is also the Military history of Fort Moultrie.


The fort itself (top right) is in the middle of the semi circle fortifications along the beach.  In between are all the flowers, evening primrose.  Peace and beauty springs up amongst war and destruction.

Then across the bridge to Charleston and on down to Hunters Island and the Women ALiner group camp, the thing that instigated this continued exploration of the coast.   Lots of evidence of storm damage from Irma and also Mathew the year before.  The campground and it’s beach area has been cleaned up but lots of stumps and more sun exposure.  Luckily our campsite was far away from the beach so it was nice and shady.


Walking farther down the beach to the lighthouse, lots of storm bones and a washed out road where some cabins had been.  Xena exploring some of the interesting bones in the surf.


To the Nature Center, destroyed pier, bridge across the lagoon, more devastation.


Critters on another trail along the Lagoon and Xena gets to cool down with a swim.


Then the grand finale, an accidental sighting of a nesting site.  Horrible picture, I wish I’d had a good camera with a good zoom, but I think you get the idea.  Lots of egrets, some cormarants and storks, all the fuzzy looking blobs, nests.


A stop on the way home.  Little PeeDee River State Park.  The main attraction there is a lake, which is now dry, thanks to Hurricane Mathew.  Behind the camper is the dry lake, nice spot if lake was full, the boat ramp, the broken dam, a nice trail.  There was a meeting while we were there planning the repairs.  Finally.  May have to go back to see it full.



A nice bench to sit and watch the lake.  Misty sunrise over the dry lakebed.


And we rolled out for home.

We’ve been home for a little more than a week, glad I got that done.  It’s getting close to time to roll out again, for the big 3 month+ trip to the Northwestern National Parks, Canadian Rockies, etc.

On the 19th, our local women’s chorus, The Common Woman Chorus, is having a concert with a traveling theme – Wanderlust.  Seems just for me, so appropriate for me to go just before leaving.  If you’re local, maybe I’ll see you there for a bon voyage hug.

Hope you’re following your own Wanderlust.  And hope you’ll continue to follow ours.

Lynn and Xena.


7 thoughts on “Pictures from Coastal trip to Hunting Island SC – 4/23 – 5/4/18

  1. Hope you get the email. The pictures were wonderful. You are really great at gathering good stories and pictures of your travels. Keep up the good work, but don’t let it get in the way of MAKING the memories.

    Congrat’s on the new computer. Did you buy Gila’s?

    Big day long rain here. That seldom happens.

    Bought my surge protector today.

    Friends say Acadia is crowded in August since schools are still out. Haven’t had time to poke around looking for free-b boon-docking locations.

    Hope you’re there for my return so that I can give you a big bon voyage hug! Sorry to be missing the chorus performance.

    Cat sitting goes well. Visited a lot and got a good bit done on the odds and ends. Still chipping away tho!

    Enjoy! Doreen

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  2. Thanks Lynn, these are great pictures.  Unfortunately we won’t see you at the CWC concert.  We will be in Illinois visiting family: three graduations and a birthday (Sounds like a movie 😊)!    We will be stopping off at Mammoth cave on the way up there for a day and spending a day in Cleveland on the way home.  So…we are following our own wanderlust!!Love you!Terri

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  3. Wow, it looks like you’re having a great time. Fun to see all the wonderful pictures. Nice photos. ENJOY. I look forward to the next installment. Xx

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  4. Yay, for you and the time you took to post all these pictures! Gave them a quick look on phone when your post came in yesterday, but now I have taken the time to view on my computer, and the difference is huge — literally and figuratively. You got some really good photos, including a raccoon — not easy! Alligators easier, but always cool. Also enjoyed seeing and reading about Maverick. Loved the aerial view from the Hunting Island lighthouse. Always love seeing your campsites and the one of your rig in the background and ready to roll leaving Croatan NF. Yes, it’s astonishing how wide the Neuse gets as it approaches the sea. I was even able to read the educational displays about slavery and survival of the African culture that you included from the Sullivan Island Museum, where I have never been. Thank you, Thank you! So excited to have your trip west to look forward to. Want to see you before you go, but, sadly, can’t make the Wanderlust concert. Going to a poetry (Gary P and his friend Paul from MA) and jazz (Mahalo) event that night (had to miss it last year 😦 Hope all your preparations are going well enough for you to have time for a meet-up. OXJO

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  5. Thanks for the nice comments again Jo. Yes, I wanted to go to the poetry reading too, but just couldn’t pass up the CWC concert since it’s so timely. I’ve been following them for 35 (or however long they’ve been in existance) yrs anyway and have always loved the concerts.
    Yes, want to get together, need to return your NG and other materials. Have a breakfast date so will call later. slh


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