Time to Roll – Westward Ho!

5/22/18 – Just a real quick note to let you all know we’re ready to head out tomorrow morning for out BIG trip to the Northern Rockies, including Canadian Rockies, plus much more.  After a sweet little send off gathering with my community, we’re ready.  We seem to have established a tradition of packing up and leaving when it’s raining, so we’re just going to roll with it and consider it good luck since we’ve had no problems towing in the rain.

First stop, Powhatan Campground in Pisgah National Forest, just past Asheville.  I didn’t want to head down the other side of the mountains on that crazy fast moving, winding highway out West of Asheville at the end of the day, so will do that when fresh at the beginning of the day next morning, then keep on heading west.  It’ll be my first camping in the NC mountains with the Aliner, first time climbing up and down the Smokies while towing.  Plenty of past camping there in tent, van and my old Dolphin, just the first towing and camping in the trailer.  So many firsts on these journeys.

So, we’ll be checking in with you soon from the road.

Happy Trails,

Lynn and XenaIMG_0558


6 thoughts on “Time to Roll – Westward Ho!

  1. I’m grinning ear-to-ear as I read this! Can’t wait to follow the unfolding adventure! Love you lots, Lynn!
    Happy T(r)ails, you two!
    (let me add a few more !!!!!!!! in case you aren’t getting my excitement!)

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