Canadian Rockies

7/7/18 – Banff/Jasper/Kootenay/Yoho National Parks, all connected together in what has to be one of the most awesome places in the world!  Have been here for 2 weeks, planning to leave tomorrow morning, but only going SW a little ways to Canada’s Glacier NP (not the same as Waterton which is connected to US Glacier NP – the International Peace Park) and Mount Revelstoke.  As I’ve said before, it has been raining and cold the whole time, even below freezing and snowed a couple of days.  Day before yesterday it actually cleared, sunny and warm enough for shorts and T-shirt!  What a glorious day that was!  Yesterday was partly sunny and then the dense clouds and heavy rains returned, all night last night and this morning, so I’m back in sweats and raingear.  Got pretty depressing there for a few days, but just one good sunny day helped so much.  Since it’s raining, thought I’d come back to the visitor center here at Yoho, catch email, and maybe even catch up to real time here.

In spite of the rain and cold I continued to venture out tho hikes were frequently shorter than I’d have liked, and some didn’t get done at all when rain was too heavy.  Luckily dogs are allowed on trails here, ah – wet dog in car and camper in addition to wet shoes!!!  I have plenty of raingear, poncho that covers backpack and all, but not waterproof shoes and rainpants would be nice too.  Use to have, where are they now?!  On the list of purchases.  Anyway, this post will mostly be photos again, lots of them, visibility is pretty sketchy in many, some sights were totally invisible, and I didn’t get everywhere I wanted to go.

First I was at Lake Louise in Banff NP for a few days, then went up to Jasper, Whistler’s CG.  Both had elec and showers, which I hadn’t had for a long time, much appreciated, especially the showers. 🙂  They were both reservations, the last I made, so after that I went to a couple of the “first come” CGs on the Icefields Parkway for a few days each.  That way I was able to do different portions of the Parkway each day.  No problem getting a site and I liked the CGs.  Very happy to be out from under the pressure of reservations and feel more confident that it’s possible.

Xena says “Hi” to Canada.  Here come those mountains!


Mountains!  Rivers rushing with the snow melt from the mountains!  Glaciers!!  Amazingly blue/green lakes!!

The last pic in previous group was Victoria Glacier reflected in Lake Louise.  The first one here is a photo of a picture of the mountains from Lake Louise, labeled.  So much of the magnificence is visible from the Icefields Parkway.  Julia, my neighbor from Brazil who loved Xena.

Rivers rushing to eat away at rocks and form waterfalls.  Views from higher elevations.

Another crystal blue lake, Lake Moriane and some of it’s “10 Peaks”.  More magnificent mountains and glaciers.  Mountain goats, a bear crossing the road and a mama elk in the campground.

One of my fav things – the waterfalls.  Oh, the waterfalls!!  So many, just pounding down from the snow melt and glaciers above, forming beautiful blue glacier fed lakes and rushing rivers everywhere.

I’ve posted some pics and videos on FB, the vids of waterfalls are particularly wonderful, really catch them better than photos. My wordpress account doesn’t allow vids.  If you have a chance watch them.

Athabasca Glacier at Icefields Center (also vid on FB where the wind nearly blew me away!) and some info.  Lunch at picnic area on Athabasca River and guess who came to lunch!?

There is sooooo much more!!!  But I have to stop.  It’s now the 10th and we just rolled back into the US.  Now sitting in a coffee shop in a sweet little old west town in Washington, Winthrop.  It’s near the campground in Okanogan National Forest and I’m trying to catch up with internet stuff before the tourists rush the town.  I came back to this and will catch you up on the rest later.

Sad to leave the Canadian Rockies, such a spectacular place, but glad to be where I know what the speed limit it and how much money I’m spending.  🙂

Still Rolling in the Northwest.

Lynn and Xena

ps – I’d love to hear from you, please write, email, text, call.  Been missing my peeps and news from home, especially while I didn’t have service in Canada.  Now that I’m back, texting is probably best, even tho I still won’t always have service, only occasional wifi but will check email as long as I have data.  Hope you’re all doing well and staying cool, well those of you in NC or otherwise in the south.  slh




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