Canadian Rockies final

7/19/18 – Well, I had this all written, waiting til I had good wifi to add pics to it and somehow lost the draft!!!  Drat!!  So a quick one.

In the last post I wrote that it had been cold and rainy the whole time I was in Canada, even snowed a couple of days.  I wanted to post some pics of the last few days, with and without snow.

The last day we were in Banff NP, I finally made it to Bow Summit/Peyto Lake and Glacier.  Was a real destination and when I’d tried before it was raining and no visibility.  So, July 4th, day after the snows, we went.

First a few scenes of the drive there, with the clouds above and below, and a little clearing:

Snow was on the ground, not just at elevation.  If you can zoom in and read the 2 signs, very interesting and appropriate for the day.  And the lake and glacier.

Somebody had some fun with the snow.  And a few more sunny scenes.


Next day we drove off to Yoho, HooDoo campground, just a few miles down the road.  Sweet little village of Field nestled in the mountains.  Another magpie sighting. The last picture is of the spiral tunnel, where the train track was built tunneling through the mountains, spiraling back on itself.  My timing was perfect, I caught a train going through.  If you zoom and look carefully you can see it in 4 different places.  The bottom one is going away, and the 2nd from bottom is coming back.  Looks like it’s going where it came from but it continues to loop til it’s going in the same direction.  It was a huge train, over 100 cars.

More beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls.  Takakkaw Falls, Lace Falls.  And BLUE skies!!

Natural Bridge, Emerald Lake

More wildflowers.

The last day, the last hike, Wapta Falls, from 3 levels and a rainbow.  And of course more wildflowers.

Early on the 8th we left for a long but casual driving day, through Canada Glacier NP, and Mt. Revelstoke.  Landed at Okanogan Lake Provincial Park for the night, still in Canada, not far from the border.

July 9, we left early, before anyone else was out, and around 9am, crossed the border back into the US, in the Okanogan National Forest in Washington State.  Now maybe I’ll know the speed limit and the price of gas.

Rolling back into the US,

Lynn and Xena


2 thoughts on “Canadian Rockies final

  1. That is beyond aggravating to loss your blog work! But the pictures, as they say, are worth THOUSANDS of words. Thank you!!!☺ Hope to get there before I die. Is that train a passenger touring one?
    It’s a fantasy of mine to take a train excursion across Canada once I’m too old to drive and tow. 💓💓

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved seeing this part of the trip. It’s hard to believe there was snow in the air at one point. It’s been really hot here but the last couple of days a cold front so some relief. I was at the cabin so even better!
    I’m so happy that you are having this adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

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