Continuing to AZ

1/8/19 –  I have a few minutes before our closing meeting this morning so lets see if I can get us here.

12/23 – I got the TX State Park pass, free entry ($6) to all state parks, 2nd night camping 1/2 price (regular $20).  Works out to be $30 for what would have been $46.  Covers the rest of 2018 and then the entire year of 2019.  I’ll be in TX a good bit this trip and probably will be back next year perhaps Nov., Dec. so it seemed to be worth it.  Cost $70 and going up.  So my 2nd night at Sea Rim was 1/2 and then I went down to Galveston Island SP and stayed 2 nights.  By the way, Sea Rim is adjacent to TX Point and McFadden National Wildlife Reserves, so is a very large area of public lands.  There were also many mosquitos!!!  I don’t know the history but am wondering if govt got it after some oil devastation, since it’s right in the midst of oil works.  But no oil rigs were visible from either of the parks I went to.  Galveston is another beautiful undeveloped beach.  Camping was even closer to the beach.  It was full, tho there had been a cancelation and it happened to be in the end site which was short so no big rigs could get in, door opening away from others, so very private with great view!  How lucky was that!?!?

Getting here was down narrow islands between the intracoastal at Galveston Bay and the Gulf, sorta like driving the outer banks, or the FL Keys, except that part of the road was closed, being repaired.  So had to go inland a little on another road and then back down, then there is a ferry (free) over to Galveston.  Of course the main part of Galveston is very developed touristy, but the road Is right on the seawall and beaches all along, so makes for an interesting drive.  And then you get to the State Park and all the way across the island is undeveloped until you get down to Jamaica Beach.  I spent Christmas Eve here, for a treat and since from here I’ll be heading inland and to the desert, I went into town and got a wonderful seafood dinner at Nick’s, recommended by the camp staff.  It included 2 types of stuffed shrimp I’ve never had, stuffing similar to crab, one with crawfish in it!  Also the hushpuppy type balls had seafood in them.  I love seafood, love seafood platters where I get a little of everything, this was the best I’ve ever had, and included lots of great roasted veggies as well as coleslaw.  I’ve been eating my way along the Gulf Coast since Fairhope with seafood, this one topped it all, and was enough for 3 meals.  A good thing, it was expensive!  But oh so worth it.  I don’t take pictures of my food, should have made an exception this time.



After another couple of days enjoying the beach, sun, birds, sunrises and sunsets, full moon rises and sets at the perfect time of year to view both at the same time, full moonlight on the beach and Gulf, hearing the surf as I drift off at night.  Perfect place, perfect thing to do over the holidays.  Oh yeah, had a fabulous shower!!!!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


12/25 – Drove to Austin, to Bastrop State Park.  Met up with Maiki,a friend I met last winter in FL at the Campazon campout.  We’ve kept in touch, she also planned to go to WRTR/RTR and we planned to try to travel together some.  Got some hiking in, lots of fire damage.  It’s another CCC park, has a great “Shade Shelter”, wonderful huge fireplaces inside and out.  Went in to see some of Austin on the 26th, but it was raining pretty bad so wasn’t able to see much.  That night there were bad thunderstorms with tornado warnings/watches.  Some in the campground were leaving for motel, but I sorta figured if there is a tornado, who knows where it would be, here or there, it’s hello Dorothy wherever it hits.  But since these Aframes are a little iffy in high winds, I scrambled around in the dark and packed it up and put in down and drove to the protected side of the bathhouse and tried to sleep in the car.  Thunderstorms, no tornados, tho there were elsewhere.  Very little sleep.  All’s well.  Thank you to those who were more aware of weather conditions and gave me a heads up even before folks here knew the severity of the warnings, and checked in on me.  Love you.

When I left the coast I knew I needed to kinda rush across the rest of TX, having daudled and enjoyed the trip, and not quite getting that TX is so big!!  Plus the bad weather, cold and snow, was chasing us.  Since I’d packed up the night before, it was easy to pull out really early the next day.  So it was time for Interstate 10 and Walmart camping.   Luckily the lack of sleep didn’t bother me on the first long haul day, but I sure slept well that night.  Interesting tho that we met other WRTR travelers, at one WM there were 4 that I knew of, including one other Aframe I’d had contact with earlier.  There were many campers in the parking lot, a whole campground full.   So that made it fun.  Yep it snowed, we ran to NM, it snowed more, we ran to AZ.  I honestly can’t remember if it was 2 or 3 nights in WMs.

Snow covered mountains in NM, clouds clearing out, dry desert hills.  When we got to AZ it was clearing, got sunny, was cold tho.  That last picture, blow it up to see we made it to AZ.

Now got to go to that closing.  More later on the WRTR

From sunny Arizona,

Lynn and Xena



4 thoughts on “Continuing to AZ

  1. Nice photo of a pelican! And yes here in Santa Fe we have gotten more snow over Christmas holidays than we’ve had in years. It has been more like the winters I remember when I first got here in 1978 before climate change. I was snowed in at my house in town for some days! To scary to drive without 4-wheel-drive. Sounds like you missed Puck and Sabrina at Gila Bend, unless they joined you at WRTR.


  2. Wow, the weather really has been a bear, except for your lovely Xmas on the TX gulf. More great photos ( what are the colrful buildings?)


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