Beyond RTR

Jan 27, 2019 – Pilot Knob BLM, Winterhaven, CA.  We’re just outside Yuma, AZ, but the official location is Winterhaven, CA and I thought it was exciting I’ve finally made it to California!!

The RTR ended on the 21st.  Every day was full of more seminars and meeting and getting to know wonderful folks, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, great discussions and music around our rainbow campfire, viewing the full moon and eclipse in a big sky (tho a little bit cloudy).  There are lots of other RV groups who have meet-ups or rallies in and around Quartzsite during the winter, it’s the western snowbird capital! I went to the RVing Women rally nearby.  Don’t know if I mentioned but at WRTR I met up with a woman I met it North Dakota last year.  She’s from NorCal and went to the RVW camp along with some of her CA friends.  So I went over and visited her there and checked out the RVW happenings.  I’ve been debating whether to join them, it’s a club that costs $$.  Think it’s not really my style – Big Rigs and Tiny Dogs!!!  But enjoyed some quiet time with Meggi and Nikki (her little dog, tho she’s in a Pleasureway camper van).  There was a group of Schoolies – school bus conversions – nearby, very interesting and creative RVs, mostly young people with children.

On the last day of RTR there was a “van burning”, a tradition for the last few years.  They built a little camper van out of plywood, during the 2 weeks people write and draw comments and sign it, then the last day it’s burned in the big main firepit.  Someone also wrote appropriate words to Willie Nelson’s song “On the Road Again”.   Such fun!!

Great connections were made.  I took pictures of some of my favs along with their rigs.   I’m absolutely sure we’ll keep up with each other and meet up along the road, travel and camp together, in the future.  In fact we have already.  Here’s a few.

1/21 – Right after the RTR I went to Palm Canyon section of Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.  3 other of our group were already there, one left, another showed up.  The next day 2 left, 2 more showed up.  The next day I left, and the day after that the last 2 left.  Most of us were planning to go to Yuma and the Mexican border, and ended up at the same BLM camping area, Pilot Knob.  Over the next couple of days, 4 other women joined us.  See what I mean?!  I think we’re all having a little separation sadness, even tho we are all solo travelers, like solitude, and were in fact were ready to leave the crowds of RTR.  Here we are.  I know it won’t last, when we leave here we’ll all scatter., but keep in touch and have later rendezvous.

The amazing palms in the middle of the desert canyon, far away and closer, but nowhere near!  Sunset coming out of it, reflecting off the red rocks.  All so amazing, may be one of the best places I’ve been.

A Spiral Labyrinth, more wonderful sunsets in the desert.

The last day at Quartzsite, the winds really picked up, gusting to 30-40 mph.  It continued while at Kofa, day and night. s really eas It was pretty uncomfortable and scary in the Aliner, tho others were rocking and rolling also.  It made me start thinking I might want to change and get a camper that’s just one piece.  Also even tho popping it up and down is easy, only takes a minute or less, but setting up everything inside and putting it back when setting up and breaking camp is getting old.  Just need to think about all the pros and cons.  I love, love, love all the windows, the light, the views, which I’d give up with any other little camper.  Nothing’s perfect.

We came here because Yuma is a large enough city to have all the services and stuff we need and want, from auto & camper repairs/parts to natural foods stores.  Plus going across the border to Los Algodones where there is inexpensive dental and eye care.  Snowbirds get those taken care of here since Medicare doesn’t cover teeth and eyes until it becomes bad enough for surgery.  I have a broken tooth so made an appt for dentist.  Also got another pair of glasses.  It is also very quick.  Others who are full timers have their yearly checkups and teeth cleaning.  Also cheap prescription and over the counter drugs.  And of course all the inexpensive Mexican “stuff”.   I have mixed feelings about this, it surely shows us how ridiculously expensive medical care and drugs in US are.  These are US trained docs.  It also shows how these docs can make more catering to the US tourists with these low prices than they can their own people who are often too poor to even afford these prices.  As far as the “stuff” is concerned, There’s a lot of beautiful stuff here and a lot of junk.  I find it appalling that US citizens bargain the already low prices.  These folks are poor!  They work outrageously hard, and do stuff we would never do, and yet the Ugly Americans dicker a $35 beautiful Mexican blanket down to $20!!!  All for the fun of it, they say.  They also say the Mexicans enjoy it.  Ha!!  I don’t think so.  I bought a hammock swing and paid full price – $25 and wouldn’t think of bargaining it down.  I’ve seen them for $250!!

That last photo is our group here at Pilot Knob.

So off to Mexico a couple of days.  I’m also in Yuma because one of the bungees on my camper came off.  These help raise and lower the roof panels and keep the 2 roof panels from flying apart.  Had to order from the factory, not Amazon, and they won’t deliver to general Delivery and it’s definitely NOT 1 or 2 day.  So I found a repair shop who would accept it for me in Yuma and now I wait.  Then yesterday I discovered a crack in my windshield!!  Not one of those little bings, but a 5-6 in. long crack.  There are several little chips, one of them right on the edge spread to the crack.  Not repairable, whole windshield will have to be replaced.  Luckily my insurance covers it, but they can’t get to it til Tuesday.  So I’m here a couple more days.  At least one other woman here is also waiting til probably Tuesday for a part, so even if the others leave, one will be here.

So that’s where we are today.  Waiting, but enjoying the company and the warm, sunny AZ/SoCal desert.

Til next time, Happy Trails,

Lynn and Xena


9 thoughts on “Beyond RTR

  1. These posts are marvelous, Lynn!!! I feel like I’m there with you.

    Tears spilled as I read about the “coming home” experience of many of the WRTR women. I loved working at the gate of MichFest for the same reasons…to be a witness to/part of such joy & homecoming & reunion!

    Buenos huertes in your endeavors in Mexico. I’ll be curious to hear about your dental experience??!!

    I miss you TONS!

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  2. Thanks Lynn. A great post. I loved the “big rigs, tiny dogs” comment! Sounds like a title for a book you could write.
    You are on such a great adventure and taking us along is fun. Have fun, stay safe, and keep posting.

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  3. Wonderful blog and photos, covering so much! I did read it when it came; sorry for not responding sooner. In fact I read the part about crossing the border for services aloud to 2 friends I’d just been hiking with ( Ilana D. and Maria Hitt — do you know Maria? I think you must.) Excited to hear you are headed back to Texas and Big Bend! Hope you’ll visit Chiricahua on the way — not to be missed! Aren’t deserts so captivating!? People imagine them to he boring but so untrue, at least in the American west. I continue to get so much vicarious pleasure from your travels and adventures (well, not the maintenance ones but I empathize — it’s just like life at home in that regard, except a little more challenging..)❤️

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    1. Of course I know Maria, been thinking of contacting the Hitts for tips on TX, but now out of TX. Was planning to go to Chiricahua, in addition to other places in SE AZ, but it was getting really cold and snowing so came right to Tucson where it was only 29 this morning!!! Clear as a bell and wonderful full moon in these big skies. Nice and sunny today. More maintenance stuff, when I got here discovered my battery had come loose from it’s bracket and was hanging!!! Lucky it didn’t fall off. Appears it was just attached by fat zip ties, only one was still on but broken. Anyway, trying to get another blog post out.


  4. Another great read. Loved the social commentary about ugly rich Americans bickering about prices. Can’t wait to try out your hammock chair at Full Circle Farm. Xx


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