Rained Out


Best made plans get rained out sometimes.  I spend weeks, months, making plans, routes, reservations, then rain and high winds set in.  Plans were to leave yesterday (Monday) for a brief 2 week stint down the coast before setting out for the big 3 month rendezvous with the Northwest/Rockies/Yellowstone, etc.  But it is raining really hard, and the wind gusts are up around 45 here.  First stop on the coastal meanderings was camping on the Neuse River in Croatan National Forest.  Boondocking (no power) in the rain in a place where the main activity is hiking and being outside isn’t much fun, especially in a really small camper.  There’s only so much rainy day reading I can do, and no internet.  Plus there are high wind warnings on the coast and the Aliner has some concerns in high winds. Part of this trip is to set up high wind protection before going west where the wind blows a lot more.  So, here I sit watching the rain and wind from my wonderful perch on the upstairs screened porch, it’s really pouring and blowing, glad I have such a nice view (wish I could take it with me).  Thinking to leave later today, coast looks clearer by tomorrow and I’d like to get a few hours head start on the rest of the plans.  So I’ll watch the weather, especially the wind, and hope to be rolling out this afternoon.

I’m so ready to get back on the road.  See you down the lane,

Lynn and Xena


5 thoughts on “Rained Out

  1. Yeah, this system is large and now kinda lingering over NC coast — bummer! And last week was so beautiful. Glad you are safe and sound at home. But SC is looking better now. Where’s your next stopping point?
    Was very excited to see your post and looking forward to all the rest! I’ve been incommunicado for a while, tied up with other concerns, but I’m eagerly awaiting my vicarious trip west! 💗😀


  2. Oh I know those winds in the West! We’ve just had a couple of days very windy, with gusts up to 60-70 MPH. A bit much even for us that are used to it! Maybe that’s the storm you are having now. May all go well for you once the weather cooperates!


  3. Hope the weather turns out to be perfect on the rest of your trip. Tiny campers (like my truck camper) can be challenging in bad weather. You have to get really creative on how to pass the time. I like handwritten letters in such times. Good thing you were not here two days ago. The winds clocked 75mph, blew down three big cottonwoods across the main trail (which we’ve since used the chainsaw and three of us to clear). Luckily no houses were damaged, except one with minor roofing issues. The wood stove pipes on top of the houses blew off, and minor things like folding metal chairs and such were scattered about… My truck camper – with its 4 sturdy legs – rocked back and forth! It was scary to go to sleep really wondering if one of those big trees might land on me while I slept. Such is living in the wild, which I love sans 75 mph winds! I won’t trade it for anything! xx


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